Stonehouse Garages & Gardens Art Trail

Garages and Gardens Art Trail (Stonehouse)

Any artists interested in an initiative to participate in a community arts project in Stonehouse?

The proposal is to open garages, sheds and gardens for the public view local artwork and creations throughout the community over a weekend in the summer of 2025. This would involve participants displaying paintings, illustrations, pottery, jewellery and sculptures from their own properties or business premises in Stonehouse.

This concept has been successful around Scotland, encouraging community involvement and promoting the wealth of creative talent in our communities. This would be a free to attend event, promoted throughout Stonehouse and beyond through an illustrated creative trail of all those participating in the initiative. The concept would be to invite the public to locations throughout the village from morning to early evening to view the artwork of participants in an informal setting. Participation would be free of charge and artists would be free to sell their artwork or display for viewing only.

Although there is a lack of exhibition space in the village there is a rich cultural heritage of artists living in our community who are either professionally trained or produce artwork recreationally as a hobby. This event would be an opportunity to experience artists work locally and encourage residents and visitors to discover creative talents they did not know they possessed! Everyone is welcome to participate in the event from 8 to 80 years of age. If anyone is interested in this local initiative, please contact John Young at the Keep It Stonehouse Facebook page to discuss further.

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