Sponsorship Information

Avondale Radio

Sponsorship Information

Guidance for Content of a Show With A Sponsor.

Content for Each Hour:

  1. Top of the hour
  2. Station ID with Sponsor Name followed by
  3. Sponsor Advert
  4. Songs and VTs
  5. At approx. half past the hour Station ID withSponsor Name, followed by
  6. Sponsor Advert
  7. More space for songs and VTs
  8. This allows for one other Avondale Radio show promo to be inserted at quarter past and quarter to the hour
  9.  Station IDs can be inserted between songs – use the Station ID with sponsors name, appropriate to your show, which is available in Production under Sponsor Station IDs on webVT
  10. Encourage listeners to visit Avondale Radio website where they can find links to the sponsors for more info about them. Each hour will have a promo with ‘how to listen’ and ‘website’ info included.

Please let me know if you are having any issues with the pre-populated content of your show or if you need further guidance.


Thank you!

For taking part

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