Recipe of the Week: Mince Pie Martini

Kick back after cooking for Christmas this week with the Mince Pie Martini!

Ingredients for the mincemeat syrup

100g light soft brown sugar

50g mincemeat

2 teaspoons mixed spice

Gently bring to the boil in a pan – allow to cool, before straining through a fine sieve or muslin if you have it. Retain the mincemeat.

The Cocktail

100ml gin

100ml sweet red vermouth

In a cocktail shaker add the mincemeat, gin, sweet vermouth and 80mls mincemeat syrup and ice. Shake really well and strain into a couple of glasses. To decorate the glass – mix 2 tablespoons caster sugar and 2 teaspoons mixed spice – dampen the rim of the glass then dip into the sugar mixed spice mix. Remember to drink responsibly!

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