Marketing Information

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Marketing Information

Marketing is a crucial area for Avondale Radio where we utilise social media channels through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Website.

  1. Every show has its own social media promo that is posted half an hour before the show including a small brief explanation of the show, day and time.
  2. We encourage everyone to use their own show promo that has been created for them, you can contact Niamh to receive your promo at
  3. As a community, we help to support others shows as well as your own. Where possible, we encourage volunteers to share other show promos and the daily schedule as they wish.
  4. Marketing is a major part of promoting the station through social media, you have the ability to share a show promo to local groups or groups of interest where seen fit.
  5. Every presenter should make an effort to promote our online presence on social media and the website to listeners by including information on where to find the station ad the particular areas of the website lie our Whats On page, schedule, news, etc.
  6. As a presenter, you are responsible for promoting your show especially if you wish to highlight interviews, and special elements within your show.
  7. Keep i mid that if you use your online presence to promote Avondale Radio and its content, this does reflect on the station and there is a responsibility to be mindful of your conduct in online spaces.
  8. If you do create your own content to promote your show you must add in the Avondale Radio logo for trademarking purposes.

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