Help Protect Livestock

Every year, sheep and lambs are chased and sometimes killed by dogs that are let off their leads in rural areas. Large financial losses are often suffered by farmers as a result, and it leads to distressed and often aborted lambs.

Five things you should do when walking dogs in farming areas:

➡ You must ensure a field or area has no livestock or wild animals in it before letting your dog off lead.

➡ It’s the law to keep your dog is under control in an area where there are livestock or wild animals.

➡ Be particularly vigilant during lambing season and always keep dogs on a lead during this time.

➡ Don’t allow people who may not be confident in doing so or may not have full control over the animal to walk your dog.

➡ Remember where there may be no livestock in a field one day, the same location could be full of animals the next.


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