The Guitar Trade Centre

Avondale Radio is proudly sponsored by The Guitar Trade Centre

The Guitar Trade Centre is Scotland's no1 destination for pre-owned and vintage guitars.

We use our extensive network to source the best pre-owned and vintage guitars available on the market. 

We specialise in USA and Japanese guitars as well as other popular brands such as Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Squier and Gretsch to name a few. We careful select the best examples on the market and meticulously check these over as they go through our pre-sale check over and set up process to ensure these are playing the best they can be, and are all original and mod free (Unless detailed as such) before going into our Glasgow Showroom and all of our social media platforms.

Each guitar has a detailed spec and its own condition report so there are no surprises when it arrives with its new owner. “New Guitar Day” should be a special occasion and we take away all the issues that you could experience when buying online.

When you add in an “Old School” guitar shop vibe, a friendly service and a couple of coffees and you get THE best guitar shop in Scotland. Don’t believe us? Come in and see us!

The Guitar Trade Centre

Proudly sponsors Avondale Radio

Buy and Sell

All of our stock is on display in our showroom in Glasgow, on our website available for purchase. We also utilise lots of other platforms such as Ebay, Reverb, Gumtree, Facebook and Instagram.

We offer additional services such as worldwide shipping (Next Day UK), part exchange, finance (PayPal) and also offer a consignment service (We sell your guitar for you).

All of the above make us THE No1 choice in Scotland if you are looking to buy or sell anything guitar related.


We understand that your cherished guitar can often develop issues over time. That could be caused to where its stored, how its used, the rigours of gigging/touring or just through lack of experience in terms of adjusting your own guitar.

Our aim is to carry out all levels of repairs on your prized possession, to a high standard, to resolve any issues and have your guitar playing better than its ever been.

We offer lots of guitar repair services such as but not limited to:

  • Restring
  • Set up
  • Pickup swaps & wiring mods
  • Neck repairs
  • Refrets and fret level

Guitar Lessons

Our final point is that we also offer GROUP GUITAR LESSONS in our showroom on a Monday night including a beginner and intermediate class. Get in touch with us if you would like to join us.

Contact Us

Visit our website at

Call us at 07845 864 951

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm



Guitar Trade Centre and Avondale Radio Events

The Guitar Trade Centre and Avondale Radio are teaming up to host events in the local area, including pop-up shops.

Be sure to visit our “What’s On” page here for details on upcoming events. Come meet our teams and explore their stunning collection of guitars and accessories. See you there!

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