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Avondale Radio

Presenters Roles

As with all voluntary organisations, Avondale Radio relies on the dedication and commitment of all volunteers, which is never taken for granted.

  1. All new volunteer presenters will complete a one hour ‘trial’ show.
  2. All volunteers are accepted for a 3 month probationary period which can be extended if further training/support is needed. Support and guidance is a priority of the management team, in order to broadcast programmes of the best possible sound quality and content for our community.
  3. It is hope that all volunteers will attend
    1. training
    2. team meetings
    3. promotional events
  4. All volunteers have a responsibility to the sponsors, whether you host a sponsored show or not.
  5. Once experienced in presenting you will be able to provide cover for other shows during holidays or emergencies.
  6. All volunteer presenters will complete on loan equipment forms as required.
  7. All volunteers will provide reasonable notice of holiday/unavailability when possible.

Thank you!

For taking part

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