Biscuits ‘n’ Blether

Drop in and visit for a biscuit and a blether on Wednesdays from 11 am to 1.30pm, starting Wednesday 14th February.

If you’re picking your prescription up at the chemist or getting your messages from the Co, drop in for a blether, and meet new and old friends.

Share stories, what are you watching on TV, share recipes (if it’s cakes, be sure to bring some with you on your next visit 😋).

Share a joke, have a laugh, have a cuppa and another biscuit

Find out what else we have got going on and what else is going in in the village. put in a suggestion of what you would like to see in the village

Remember, it’s FREE. You don’t have to book, email, or phone. You just drop in to 42 King Street, Stonehouse.

What's On

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